recycle and reuse industrial scrap

We recycle and reuse the industrial products such as the machines, products, materials or any parts which are disused to produce the raw materials with the capacity of more than 36,000 tons/year. Our expertise touches base upon all kinds of metals such as steels, aluminums, coppers, brasses and all kinds of plastics. We buy, manage, operate, control and sell many kinds of scrap in collaboration with our partners and customers in compliance with legal, ethical, environmental, safety and quality aspects according to our customer's standards.

Moreover, we are pleased to provide excellent service to our valued customer and arrange the safe transporting truck directly from customer's sites to our factory under security control without any adverse effect to environment. The truck will be monitored by GPS at all time throughout its route. Our team can arrange and manage the transportation of scraps at the customer's site upon request. We are able to meet customer’s demand and support with all required documents.